Gresham Nyaude



Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude (b. 1988 in Mbare, Zimbabwe) graduated from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Visual Arts Studios, from where he received his National Certificate in Fine Art in 2008. Born and raised in Mbare, which is Harare’s and perhaps Zimbabwe’s most vibrant and notorious ghetto, Nyaude works in his paintings against a classification and certain identity that has been socially defined by the voice of the state. To this day Mbare retains the character of a port city with its trade, shady deals and otherwise bustle of unremitting human traffic and urban decay in between poverty, violence and prostitution. Despite that, Nyaude’s figures still resist a concrete characterization and are underlined by their human pursuit of a life that is beyond the reach of dreams. His images oscillate between figuration, abstraction and hallucination, drawing from the restless energy of his home town. Nyaude’s work has been widely exhibited throughout his native Harare, as well as South Africa, Australia and the UK. Most recently his work was shown in 'Songs for Sabotage' in the New Museum Triennial in New York, USA (2018).

Solo Exhibitions


Mazino, First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe

Group Exhibitions


Day & Night, GNYP Gallery, Berlin

Poetry of the Rebels, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

Art Week at Alserkal Avenue, Showcase Gallery, Dubai


Defying the Narrative, Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco

Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude & Takunda Regis Billiat, Kubatana, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

Songs for Sabotage, New Museum Triennial, New York


Colour Chart, EBONY/CURATED, Cape Town

Another Antipodes/urban axis, PS Art Space, Fremantle, Australia

Hello Harare! Collaging the City!, First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe

Face the Magic: Gule Wamkulu and its heirs, Valerie Kabov curator, Loving Monro Gallery, Santa Monica


Rites of Passage: Between Light and Shadows, Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery, London

‘I am because you are’, First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe


FLAUNT: Africa New Wave, Ethan Cohen Fine Art, New York

Harare // Mundopa + Nyaude, Hazard, New York


Wayland Rudd Collection Exhibition, First Floor Gallery Harare, Zimbabwe

No Limits, First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe

Young Artist Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe


In Black and White, First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe

No Limits (HIFA), First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe

Chiso/Face, First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare Harare, First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe


Tradition, Family & Religion, Gallery Delta, Zimbabwe


Artist in the Stream, Gallery Delta, Zimbabwe


Unity, Gallery Delta, Zimbabwe