Otto Ford



The British artist Otto Ford (b.1978) lives and works in London. His digital paintings are produced using found imagery as an initial base and digitally drawing a paintbrush from a particular point, or pixel, thus re-animating the physical gesture of painting. Otto Ford's education combines a BA and MA in Art History with studies in the field of technology. With strong skills in computer technologies, Ford creates digital paintings in wich 'paint' is data. Since to ignore technology nowadays seems like a desperate denial, artists like Otto Ford transform the every-day digital reality into the prime matter for his artistic process. By doing so he questions a great deal of the historical artistic praxis of painters, such as choice and application of color, layering and texturing of paint, and rendering of space. The painting process takes weeks. When the work is completed it is printed with acrylic pigment based ink on Hahnemuhle paper, mounted on aluminum and framed. Ford is a perfectionist and works with the best available materials. Located somewhere between a painting, a print, a digital image and screen, Ford creates works that strive to transcend what painting (and the painter) has and can become.