Brian Harte

Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle PhotoRag Ultrasmooth 305g
Paper: 60 x 80 cm; 23.5 x 31.5 in
Motif: 45 x 67 cm; 18 x 26.5 in

EUR 450 (+ VAT if applicable)

One of the main characteristics of Harte’s paintings is his bold use of color and the indeterminate condition of the canvases’ figures, which remain in a state between the sketch-like and the finished. Though this process is already perceptible in his earlier paintings, it notably became a grander concern for Harte in his latest works. The observer’s eye travels through the richly detailed and chaotic spaces depicted in Harte’s paintings and slowly and repeatedly finds familiar elements, unnoticeable at first glance. A tile pattern in the background might recall a kitchen backsplash, for instance, whilst elsewhere you might detect the outline of something like a teacup or a knife. This identification, that requires a certain amount of time and effort to happen, is not a solid one: quickly the observer finds himself again wondering through the painting, confronting these figurative elements with the flatness of Harte’s backgrounds.

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