Elsa Rouy describes her work as “a visual portrayal of abstruse emotions”. Her semi-biographical works transcend boundaries to explore the multifaceted experiences of womanhood. Rouy’s figurative canvases portray intimate moments of grotesque bodies that split and rupture, their separate skins seeping and melting into one another, while bodily fluids leak and intermingle. These figures consistently find themselves in situations that straddle the uneasy territory between suffering and pleasure. Through this, she addresses and navigates the anxieties associated with having and being aware of one’s own body. Rouy’s artwork attempts to explore the dynamics of societal and internal power structures.

Elsa Rouy graduated from Camberwell College of Art, her recent solo shows were at Guts Gallery, London and Steve Turner, Los Angeles. She was born in 2000 in Sittingbourne, UK, and lives and works in London.