Kour Pour

With texts by Alex Bacon, Shiva Balaghi, and Masako Tanaka, this book presents a concentrated look at Kour Pour’s artistic output from 2001 to 2019. From intricately painted decorative canvases to large scales abstractions, Pour creates vivid works drawn together from global traditions of art.

Making use of a wide range of source material, from Oriental carpets to Japanese ukiyo-e prints, the artists creates works that offer new interpretations of familiar cultural imagery. Among many interests, Pour often tackles themes such as the role of originality and appropriation within cultural exchange and how identity can affect the way art is viewed and valued.

The profound energy felt throughout Pour’s work stems from the artist’s biography, which is tied to the historic and present-day movement of people and culture around the world.

Published by Skira
127 pages
ISBN 9788857240633

40,00 €

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