Ecaterina Vrana

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Ecaterina Vrana was a Romanian artist who worked mainly with painting. She was born in Constanta in 1969 and used to live and work in Bucharest. Her thick-layered paintings dealt with a very personal universe, virtually a “petite histoire” of the artist’s own existence. Her motifs often appear repeated and reworked in several different paintings, almost like in a dream-like repertoire. Vrana’s works owes a lot to a magical and picturesque personal folklore, but the final result is, despite its subjectivity and kaleidoscopic effect, relatable to all: the narrative potency of her works invites us straight away into her settings.

Ecaterina Vrana graduated in 1997 from the Painting Department of the Bucharest Academy of Art. In 2014, she won the Painting Prize of the Fine Artists Association, in Romania. Ecaterina Vrana died in 2019.