Flurin Bisig works mainly with sculptures, conceptually derived from a fundamental drawing basis. In these sculptures, Bisig dialogues with classic exemplars of the genre by working with traditional materials such as marble; then, he skillfully molds his working matter rendering them abstract. In addition to his sculptural practice, Bisig also composes drawings and collages, not only a complement to his sculptures, but a part of the same artistic process, establishing a kind of connection, open for the viewer to interpret.

After his education at the Hochschule für Kunst in Luzern and the Universität der Künste in Berlin, Bisig lived in Brussels. He has been awarded different scholarships and prizes, while also participating in international artistic residences. Bisig’s work has been shown internationally, in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, and Brazil. Flurin Bisig was born in 1982, and he currently lives and works in Glarus, Switzerland.