Katherina Olschbaur conjures seductive forms through an artistic lens reminiscent of Surrealism. The metamorphosis of figures and materialities — simultaneously creation, fusing and disbanding — is a fundamental aspect of her work, which is characterized by smooth washes of neon-like color.

Katherina Olschbaur studied Painting, Animation Film, and Stage Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Katherina Olschbaur was born in 1983 in Bregenz, Austria, and lives and works between Vienna and Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited in Austria, Greece, Italy, China and the USA, and is part of private collections in Austria, Germany, Greece, China, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. Permanent collections which include Olschbaur’s position are the CC Foundation Collection (China), the Collection Belvedere Museum (Austria), the Collection of the City of Vienna (Austria), the Collection of the County of Vorarlberg (Austria), the Collection Oskar Kokoschka Centre, University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria), and the Collection Angerlehner (Austria).