Combining an education in Art History with studies in the field of technology, Otto Ford creates digital paintings in which ‘paint’ is data. Preoccupied with the future of the painting medium and process, he creates his digital canvases with a broad range of data sources that catch his attention: from digital reproductions of art history subjects to NASA pictures of the space, he bundles the data into a brushstroke with the help of a computer, coming to a visual result that resembles – at first glance – a traditional painting. When the work is completed, it is printed with acrylic pigment-based ink on Hahnemühle paper, mounted on aluminum, and framed; the entire process can takes weeks.

Otto Ford was born in 1978. He earned his BA from Goldsmiths and completed his M.A. at the Royal College of Arts in London in 2017. Otto Ford received the HIX Award in 2017. He lives and works in Brighton.