Rob Ober (b. 1968, Wiesbaden, West Germany) paints intuitively and with very little time spent second guessing himself. According to him, it often feels like something, or someone, has taken over his hand re-laying scenes with iconic deities, demons, witches, historical figures, carnal acts and his memories of living abroad. But it’s all him, of course, there is no divine intervention; it is simply Rob Ober believing in himself and the process, and more importantly letting himself go to it. On the best days, the experience is transformative and spiritual, he says.

Born the son of a US diplomat, Ober spent his youth growing up in Moscow, Dehli, Athens and Bethesda, MD, all locations that impact his art practice. Following college, Rob began obsessively collecting Russian nonconformist art, and in 2006 he opened Ober Gallery in Kent, CT. Having only started painting seriously in 2016 he has since shown at SHRINE, PM/AM, and Stems Gallery Paris.