Rob Ober (b. 1968, Wiesbaden, West Germany) is an American artist based in Kent, CT, who paints intuitive and highly-expressive images. His works depict a wide range of subjects including iconic deities, historical figures, carnal acts, his memories of living abroad, and languid alligators resting on the shore.

Born the son of a US diplomat, Ober spent his youth growing up in Moscow, Dehli, Athens and Bethesda, MD, all locations that inspire his art practice. Following college, Rob began obsessively collecting Russian nonconformist art, and in 2006 he opened Ober Gallery in Kent, CT, where he gave early shows to many artist-friends including Brian Belott, Katherine Bradford, Lance De Los Reyes, and Robert Nava.

Ober began seriously painting on his own seven years ago and has since shown at SHRINE, PM/AM, and Stems Gallery Paris.