What then is time? Bringing together Richie Culver and Umut Yasat for the first time, this duo exhibition deepens the immemorial question and adds many others to the mix.

The time we need to see these works and the time we need to comprehend them is different. What does that tell us about our economy of attention?

What does it all mean? Here, we might encounter both ordinary slogans and metaphysical interrogations, always somehow provocative.

“Der Stapel” (always in singular form) is an ongoing project initiated in 2014 and intended by the artist, born in 1988 in Germany, to last until the end of his life. Composed of objects he finds all around him—items that, in general, were “part of his life” at some point, from drawers and mattresses to bottles and cigarette packs—these totemic structures are formed by both things filled with personal feelings and completely trivial leftovers.